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Products are designed in the USA and manufactured in China and Asia in GMP-compliant facilities.

  • Baldur Systems Corporation is an organization dedicated to.
  • Customized service: Baldur provides tailored services to out-source products and services for US companies and to represent foreign manufacturers.
  • Heroic customer service: "We exist to provide value to our corporate customers" - to make their lives easier and less risky.
  • Worldwide reliability of merchandise: The world is our supplier as well as our customer.
  • Expansionism: We will expand in size, products offered, and geographic presence to meet customers' requirements.
Baldur Systems Corporation

Sustainability & Environment

Bagasse is sugarcane fiber pulp, leftover after the juice has been extracted from the sugar cane stalks. Bagasse is normally seen as a waste byproduct, and is often burned thereby causing air pollution. Making tableware out of the sugarcane pulp solves the problem of waste disposal and as well creates a value-added product from renewable materials.

Sugarcane tableware manufacturing process is completely resource-efficient. Material – after the products have been formed, they are taken to be trimmed. We do not dispose of the trimmings but rather recycle them to our pulping machines as raw material for our final product.  Our production process effectively conserves water – we have a closed-loop water system that allows us to efficiently use our water resources. Our primary loss of water occurs through evaporation.


Baldur Systems Corporation


Baldur Systems Corporation
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  • Material Testing
  • Pinhole Test
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  • Dipping
Baldur Systems Corporation